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Just a quick note to let you know – if you are reading GET ON and would like to leave a review, I would love to have your feedback! Please feel free to write your customer review over on Amazon, or, if you have a blog and want to write a post about the book, that’d be awesome too! A few early comments I’ve received:

“Janet Green nails it with great solutions and answers to difficult questions potential riders will struggle with. Don’t think about riding, just read this book and ‘Get On’ right now!” – Tina Walker, &

“The book was all I’d hoped it would be: instructive, informative, authoritative (but not overbearing) and amusing… Love the book and what it stands for. If you are a woman who has thought that maybe you’d like to ride, check out this book to see that you certainly can!” – Reader Kathy W.

“I think the best part of this book is the truthful nature of it.  Janet tells you exactly what you need to hear about riding your own.  She shares great knowledge from her years of riding.  She gives the reader great thoughts to ponder on the reader’s journey to riding her own.  This is definitely a must read for all women that are thinking about learning to ride a motorcycle…” – Stephanie M.,The Many Thoughts of Harley Girl

If you do write a review, be sure to let me know about it! Thanks to all of you who are reading GET ON! 


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